Treasury Manager

The organization

As the Chane Group ventures into pioneering energy frontiers such as hydrogen, ammonia, CO2, bio-products, and sustainable feedstock, their growth is accelerating, fueled by both organic expansion and strategic acquisitions. 
International liquid bulk storage company Koole Terminals Group announced this month that it will now operate under the name Chane.
The rebranding signifies a further unification of the company, following its significant strengthening in the European liquid bulk storage market with the acquisitions of Alkion Terminals in 2022 and Maastank in 2023.

The Job Profile

In this role, you will experience managerial breadth, overseeing the integration of operations and services that are inherently related, requiring coordination with associated functions. Your communication and influence skills will be paramount, making an impact through knowledge and rationality.

•    Monitoring and reporting on corporate treasury results, treasury risk exposure, and compliance to provide management information, initiate corrective actions, and maintain compliance at all times.
•    TMS implementation.
•    Managing day-to-day cash positioning for the Group and ensuring sufficient daily liquidity.
•    Overseeing cash pool structures and bank account administration.
•    Improving the Group’s cash management processes and operations, with an emphasis on enhancing efficient and effective cash planning and fund transfer management.
•    Managing cash flow forecasting by entity and consolidated (rolling 12 months and longer).
•    Preparing utilization and interest roll-over requests for existing financing facilities.
•    Preparing and reconciling debt schedules, assisting in providing credit risk analysis.
•    Managing bank relationships, including reporting on banking activities (bank balances and service fees).

''If you’re ready to play a crucial role in shaping the financial/treasury landscape of a dynamic and growing organization, we invite you to apply for the Treasury Manager position!''

The ideal candidate

•    Master’s degree in Finance, Economics, Business Administration, or other relevant financial or technical studies.
•    Minimum of 5 years of related work experience in treasury, banking, or a similar role.
•    Demonstrated experience in managing global cash and knowledge of principles of liquidity management and corporate funding.
•    Strong communication skills and able to level up at all levels.
•    Excellent command of both the Dutch and English languages, verbally and in writing.

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