Sjoerd Tijssen

Sjoerd Tijssen

During my study economy in Utrecht, I happened to get into the recruitment industry via a side job. After graduating from my master’s in Economic & Law, I went from this side job to Senior Consultant and moved to Amsterdam. Whereas, at the start of my career, I specialized in sales profiles, I chose to specialize in finance profiles over the past couple of years. I built a large network of highly educated financials. A network that I maintain and expand with great pleasure. At my previous employer, TriFinance, I started in a broad role and mediated both interim and fixed roles. Over the past year I further professionalized the recruitment and selection branch for the northern part of the Randstad. Having gained 8 years of experience, I wanted to take the next step at a more senior level. At LIME Search & Connection I am given this opportunity and moreover, it is a great, venturous and professional company!

Passion / Energy

I am sportive and have a passion for achieving results and achieving the next step. In addition, I am very social and I like a party. In my leisure time, I can often be found in the gym, with friends in a nice bar/restaurant in Amsterdam or at a festival. In my job, I get great pleasure from helping principals, candidates and colleagues. I want to be the trustee of the principal with an open senior finance position and of the candidate who wants to take a new step in his or her career.


First and foremost, obviously, realizing a huge number of placements. In addition, growing in my role as Recruitment Consultant at an increasingly high level. In the long term, I aspire a senior management position, focused on commerce, strategy, HR and operations.


Due to the enormous click I felt during my job interviews and due to the very professional services that LIME represents. We are not just a recruiter, we are true experts in our field. Because of the clear focus on finance profiles as of 70k, the huge network, years of experience and the team spirit, we can truly offer our contacts added value!