Narges Yoesefi

Narges Yoesefi

Due to my goal to understand more of the status qua and my curiosity into international politics, I opted for the Bachelor Politicology: International Relations & Organizations. During this study I got interested in state policy and politic economy which is why I chose the Master Public Administration: Economics and Governance. After completing both studies, I decided to discover the commercial world, and Executive Search in particular. Working with ambitious individuals, sparring about career opportunities and supporting them in this in a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment is a great challenge in which I can keep developing myself.  

Passion / Energy

I get energized by hard working and ambitious individuals and by the possibilities to challenge and develop myself. In addition, politics remains one of my great interests and in addition to my work at LIME, I have an active role in a political party and I closely monitor (international) politic developments.


My ambition is to continue to grow in recruitment to fully master the trade so that the impact of my work is positive and significant, both for the company I work for as for (potential) candidates for concrete roles.


LIME is dynamic and entrepreneurial. The company employs extremely passionate people that have a lot of expertise in the field. Trust and space are provided in abundance and the team spirit within the company is remarkable.